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At The Running Duck, Geraldine you will find great burgers, great coffee, great shakes and some sweet kiwi favorites... you can't go past cheerios & sauce or potato chip & dip.   Opening early 2016 in the old Peel Street petrol station, everything has been collected or made so you feel like you are part of a classic kiwi holiday- at the "bach".    Come and enjoy our laid back atmosphere while listening to some sweet as tunes. Relax on a bean bag in the summer or chill on a couch by the fire in winter.

Why you'll love it here

At The Running Duck the “vibe” is everything. We have worked very hard to make your time with us as relaxing and fun as it can be. We want you to feel relaxed like you have just arrived at you family holiday home and the good times have started. At our place we like it relaxed and informal but with high standards of Southern Hospitality. We want you to feel like you are at home away from home.

Our food is simple with bold flavours. With our burgers we like to use flavours that most kiwis will be familiar with. It’s about familiarity and comfort rather than experimental combinations.  We provide a range of burgers, breakfast items and classic Kiwi snack items. We also have a selection of classic Kiwi slices just like the ones from your Nana’s biscuit tin. There are 18 milkshakes to chose from along with a selection of soft drinks.

Our Specialities

The Running Duck burgers are made with plenty of love. We love burgers! Of course there is some other local magic in there too. We keep our burgers simple and accessible with familiar, bold flavours. With a mixture of house made fillings and local ingredients our burgers are a taste of South Canterbury. From The Piccolo to The Motherclucker to The Lambshank Redemption we are sure you will find something you will love.

We love bacon! In fact we love it so much we make it right here at The Running Duck. We dry cure it like they did in the olden days. It’s not pumped full of water. We rub our salt mixture on pork bellies and let them cure for about a week. Then we smoke them with Manuka in The Baconizer for a couple of hours before gently cooking the bacon and slicing it. Dry curing bacon means it it doesn’t boil when you fry it. It starts to crisp up as soon as we cook it.

Serving freshly battered fish and rustic Makikihi fries, our fish and chip van operates from 5-8pm Thursday to Sunday. With crispy fish and spicy fried chicken alongside Kiwi classics like hotdogs and pineapple rings your family dinner will be a premium quality fish and chip experience.

Ever had a kick in the nuts? Well, it’s a great start to any day. A shot of real coffee, peanut butter and our homemade chocolate syrup along with vanilla ice cream. This milkshake is one of our favourites. Our other unique flavours include sticky date pudding, pineapple lump, banoffee pie, bounty piña colada and peanut slab. We also have classic corner dairy flavours like lime, vanilla and strawberry for a touch of nostalgia. With 18 to chose from you are sure to find something you love.

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Where to find us

1 Peel St, Geraldine, South Canterbury 7930    Tel 03-693 8320

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